A new ECOTIC Project: “Steps for WEEE”, funded by INNOVATION NORWAY

de | April. 30, 2015 | News

In 2015-2016 ECOTIC will organize and unfold activities within the "Steps for WEEE" project, co-financed with a 90% grant by Norway Grants. 

Innovation Norway (www.eeagrants.org - www.norwaygrants-greeninnovation.no) is a financing line opened by the Norwegian Government in order to develop projects that enhance green economy competitiveness, develop environment friendly technologies, create jobs in the green economy and encourage entrepreneurship in this field in Romania.

This project is based on the Memorandum that the Romanian and Norwegian Governments signed in 2013.

"Steps for WEEE" project's main activity will be the set-up of a Municipal Collection Center built on a West-European model. 

Iasi City Hall had a positive response to ECOTIC’s proposal regarding the set-up of this center in Iasi, thus supplementing the existing solutions for the disposal of recyclable waste, reusable objects and hazardous waste from households.

One of the objectives of the "Steps for WEEE" project is increasing the selective collection of recyclable waste in Romania; this positive example in Iasi was the starting point.

Other objectives linked to the set-up of the Municipal Collection Center for recyclable and hazardous waste are:

- unfolding the largest study to date about WEEE - generated WEEE

- setting up a street WEEE collection system in one of Bucharest's districts

- instructing ECOTIC's team on lean management.