de | April. 27, 2016 | News

ECOTIC participated in CIRCULAR 2, a landmark conference on the subject of circular economy that took place on April 12th at Willbrook Platinum.

Top environmental officials from Romania and representatives of European authorities joined together for CIRCULAR 2: Cristiana Pasca-Palmer, Minister of the Environment, Water and Forests; Jakab Istvan, President of Environmental Fund Agency; Mariel Vilella, Associate Director of Zero Waste Europe; Corina Lupu, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests; the mayor of Târgu Lăpuș (the first “zero waste” town in Romania).

Participants in the event had the opportunity to address questions to central and local public authorities and get answers on urgent matters related to the challenge of making the transition towards a circular economy, as well as on the national waste management system.

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