Debate on the project Re: Dialogues - industrial relations and social dialogue

de | June. 17, 2013 | News

On June 17th, Ateliere Fara Frontiere organized the debate included in the „Re: Dialogues - industrial relations and social dialogue” project where issues were brought into the discussion on the role of social enterprises in social dialogue and active citizenship.

The project aims to develop an advisory guide for the European Commission about the role they can play in the overall social economy and social enterprises insertion especially in the social dialogue in Member States and at European level.

This project involves 7 partners for European social enterprises insertion in Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, UK and Romania but also, social enterprises in the European industry, European Institute of Social Economic Development and Social Economy Center of the University of Liege.

Today attended representatives of the entities mentioned above, but also representatives Cartel ALPFA, CCIFER, ARIES and ECOTIC.

In the discussion, participants attempted to provide answers to questions about the role of unions, the role of social insertion enterprises in social dialogue, being cited and patterns of participation and social dialogue in Europe, and participatory management as a new form of social dialogue.