de | July. 6, 2017 | News

In October 2016, ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT launched a new awareness campaign on WEEE and battery waste collection, dedicated to Romanian schools. “The Ecoterrians' School” campaign communicated the message of the need to protect the environment by taking an active part in waste collection 200 schools, thus contributing to the collection of 2.5 tons of battery waste and 62 tons of electrical waste.

The legend of the Ecoterrians says that they are nature spirits and every time a human being does a good deed, a new Ecoterrian is born and our planet becomes greener and more alive.

The story of the Ecoterrians inspired a new campaign meant to encourage children (but not only) to do good deeds by caring for the environment and contributing to waste reduction.

The Ecoterrians' School campaign had several stages and involved a variety of activities. In October - November 2016, ECOTIC invited schools from Romania to register for the campaign; following the registration, schools received an eco-information kit (posters, student materials, collection recipients). As a result, schools were able to organize WEEE and battery waste collection activities, as well as educational activities and environmental protection initiatives like plantations, eco-creative contests, cleanings, etc.

All activities took place starting with the receiving of the kits, until April 2017. Results and reports were submitted until May. Following the judging process, the schools with the highest scores on eco-themed activities are:

  • "AURORA" School Center for Inclusive Education, Resita
  • "MIHAI PEIA" Secondary School, Resita
  • "David Prodan" Secondary School, Salistea