ECOTIC submits a modification proposal on MO 1798/2007 to the Ministry of the Environment

de | February. 9, 2016 | News

One of the systemic problems identified by ECOTIC in the field of _DSC2570WEEE has to do with the way in which WEEE operators are authorized. In January, ECOTIC advanced to the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests its proposal on the need for change in the legislation concerning the authorization of these operators.

The proposal was structured so as to highlight the current status in the field of WEEE (from the way the collection and treatment infrastructure works, to the way authorizations are currently issued for operators dealing with WEEE collection and treatment, having a negative influence on important parameters like recycling and revaluation rates or collection performances at national level), and the normative acts that need change in order to improve the impact and consequences of the current situation.

The proposed changes refer to the specific authorization procedure for WEEE treatment activities, by setting clear administrative, organizational and technical requirements which must be fulfilled in view of obtaining an authorization.

ECOTIC's proposal can generate change and different types of positive impact in the field of WEEE in Romania. We quote from the document transmitted to the Ministry of the Environment, which can be downloaded here and also the notes:

- It will make the activity of the commission in charge with issuing the authorization easier, considering the elements that need evaluation;

- It will harmonize the content of environment authorization for treatment operators;

- It will improve the quality of control inspections, by setting clear elements that need to be checked;

- It will improve the quality of the WEEE treatment operations, considering the detailed description of processes, the monitoring of activities, the improved level of authorization and control;

- It will increase the quantity of hazardous compounds extracted from WEEE that will reach neutralizing stations, not the environment. The activity of the said stations will be boosted;

- It will improve the number and professional level of people involved in WEEE treatment;

- It will increase the quantity of reported WEEE and that of the properly treated WEEE;

- It will decrease the number of operators that currently hold an authorization but do not respect the law regarding the proper treatment of WEEE.

“This proposal is part of ECOTIC’s strategy to launch a common and beneficial vision in the field of WEEE in Romania, so that all parties involved and interested in a real advancement of this field can contribute to reaching the national targets for WEEE collection. We consider the Ministry's contribution as essential, yet it is also our duty, as industry players, to be vigilant, proactive and collaborative ”. Dragos Calugaru, General Director of ECOTIC.