de | January. 30, 2018 | News

This year ECOTIC has joined InfoCons' national campaign "Shut down, Turn off, Recycle!", With a message on the need to selectively collect waste of electrical and electronic equipment and battery waste. With this new campaign, ECOTIC and InfoCons aim to increase the Romanian consumer and local authorities' awareness on selective waste collection.

As an EU member state, Romania has a mandatory national WEEE collection target of 45%. By running this national campaign, ECOTIC and InfoCons aim to inform the citizens about the importance of WEEE collection and recycling. Although in recent years we have seen an upward trend in the selective collection of this type of waste, serious efforts are needed to increase collection activities in order to reach the national target.

"We are convinced that through this joint campaign we will visibly contribute to the improved level of awareness of Romanian citizens regarding their responsibility in the field of selective waste collection and recycling," said Valentin Negoita, President of ECOTIC.

In this context, it is worth underlying the triple stake of selective collection and recycling activities, which impact society on an ecological, economic and social level.

Why do we selectively collect WEEE and WBA?

  • Electric equipment and used batteries contain toxic substances like Mercury, Phosphorus, Cadmium and other heavy metals or various bromides that pollute the soil, water and air.
  • By correctly recycling WEEE secondary raw materials are recovered and reintroduced in the economic cycle, as part of new products.
  • If we recycle 1 million mobile phones, we recover 250 kg of silver, 24 kg of gold, 9 kg of palladium and 9 tons of copper.
  • If we recycle 10,000 TV sets, we recover 130 tons of glass, 30 tons of plastic, 25 tons of iron and 10 tons of copper.
  • One single used battery that ends up in the bin and then at the landfill can pollute a square meter of land and 10 liters of water.

“A cleaner environment means a better, healthier life. With a new attitude we can really have a life at a European level and standard ”Sorin Mierlea - President of InfoCons.