ECOTIC-SIGUREC Partnership: another important crossroads on the WEEE collection and recycling map in Romania

de | January. 12, 2016 | News

Partnerships are an essential part of ECOTIC's policies and practices in the field of
WEEE collection, recycling and reuse in Romania. At the end of last year, ECOTIC entered into a new partnership with SIGUREC, and an efficient and modern service for waste collection.

Collecting waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Romania can be done only if the country has not only an infrastructure that is sufficiently developed, but also known by the public and located in areas that make disposal very easy. It is the premise for the new partnership that ECOTIC now has with SIGUREC.

SIGUREC is one of the most updated and modern integrated services for waste disposal and collection in Romania. It is a system that facilitates waste collection from the general public in highly trafficked areas: hypermarket parking, general stores and even office buildings. Moreover, SIGUREC is currently developing a home call waste collection service, like a free recycling taxi, called SIGUREC Mobil.

SIGUREC is currently developing their services, with 19 modern collection stations already located in hypermarket parking lots. ECOTIC sees this partnership as a new opportunity to develop and correctly collect WEEE, in a way that would send higher quantities of waste in the WEEE recycling and reuse flow, in a clean, efficient and transparent system.

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