GDPR Seminar organized by APDETIC, with the support of ECOTIC

de | February. 6, 2018 | News

On February 1st 2018, APDETIC organized, with the support of ECOTIC, the GDPR Seminar at Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest. With the entry into force of the new GDPR Regulation in May 2018, the traditional pprocessing and administration of personal data and client and employee information will have to be fundamentally modified and will impact all companies. In this context, all these new provisions were presented during the seminar, in order to facilitate the compliance of Romanian companies with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation.

The speaker of the seminar was Att. Magda Popescu, member of IAPP International Association of Privacy Professionals), who detailed for the large audience (over 100 participants) the set of necessary actions for the alignment to the new provisions regarding the protection of personal data:

  • Personal data inventory
  • Purpose of data processing
  • Evidence of processing activities
  • Data security
  • Respecting the rights of the person concerned

The participants were familiarized with the general concepts of the new regulation (personal data, processing, operator, processor, person concerned), the material and territorial area of ​​the Regulation, the principles of personal data processing and the practical impact of these principles, the obligations and risks / sanctions.

“We wanted to make an extra effort for raising awareness. That is why we addressed the event primarily to the member and partners of APDETIC and its sister-organization, ECOTIC. We wanted this seminar to help participants understand the general principles of GDPR and what would be the first steps to take once they return to their office. We didn’t set out to turn them into specialists, that would have been impossible in the time frame available, ”said Magda Popescu.