Little Ambassadors of the Environment

de | February. 25, 2015 | News

On December 17, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, in collaboration with the organization ECOTIC organized a meeting in which former and current Minister of Environment - Attila Korodi and Gratiela Gavrilescu met with “Little Ambassadors of the environment” - honorary title received last year by the third grade students from middle school ”Mihai Botez” from Bucharest, District 3.

At this event, little ambassadors were engaged in various ecological activities, of which the most popular was called “We learn to recycle” where children, under the supervision of the representatives of ECOTIC and Elizabeta Dragostin - primary school teacher and professor Georgiana Hurmuz - disassembled waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The resulting disassembled parts were used as winter tree ornaments.

Meeting and all activities were enrolled in the extensive process of environmental education that is continuously runned by the Ministry among teenagers. The environmentalists have left under the Ministry's Christmas tree, a Santa and two snowmen, made from recycled materials.