Natura Fest, a celebration of the environment

de | July. 1, 2015 | News

On June 5th and 6th the Cismigiu Park in Bucharest hosted the first edition of a brand new event: Natura Fest, a celebration of the environment.

Bucharest is a city in great need of eco-education activities that truly reach and touch people. One of the solutions that ECOTIC has tested over time and that certainly works is direct and honest communication and interaction with people. We go meet the crowds.

Natura Fest is a new initiative supported by Bucharest City Hall. In the green natural set-up of a park that is well loved by Bucharest’s inhabitants, ECOTIC offered not only information for the grown-ups and children, but also great opportunities for healthy fun, sport and - very important - the possibility for active participation in the collection and recycling of WEEE and battery waste!

So our team got busy and moved the Caravan at the park’s entrance, activated the Ecoterrian and supported the green cross for bicycles, granting entries for everybody who handed in 5 batteries or 2 pieces of WEEE at our collection point.

We collected over 35 kg of battery waste as well as over 10 kg of WEEE. Many of those present showed genuine interest in the correct disposal of WEEE.

We are so happy that people had fun, practiced sports, visited our Caravan and participated in large numbers at creative recycling workshops; and at the end of each day, we all enjoyed concerts.

Many children discovered our Ecoterrian and his emotional story about how important it is to love and protect the environment. As for our team, we rediscovered with joy that there are so many besides us who care; they just need more information, more support and the proper infrastructure to stand by our efforts in working for a clean environment!