New collection points in Bucharest, District 3!

de | nov. 24, 2015 | News

ECOTIC together with the Town Hall of District 3 and Rosal Group lauDecember 1 x Bicaz Dam_1nched a project for implementing a street collection system in Bucharest's District 3. The project involves the development of a suitable infrastructure for the collection of small WEEE, by making available a number of 15 collection recipients in accessible areas.

Thus the project answers a problem that was identified and confirmed by the recent study made by ECOTIC and The United Nations University (UNU), namely the bad habits of Romanians when it comes to discarding small electronic equipment. We now know that most of this equipment ends up in the waste bins, which is a harmful situation to both the environment and the Romanian recycling industry, in view of Romania's national collection and recycling targets.

Bucharest can become an example of best practices for the rest of the country; this local partnership will effectively put red containers with clear markings and inscriptions in the street, next to the well-known collection recipients for paper, metal and plastic in District 3. Their role is to raise the level of awareness and selective collection of small WEEE in Bucharest's District 3.

We encourage you to search for and use these red recipients; let your friends know that there is a new and available system for discarding small electronic equipment. It is an initiative meant to contribute to a greener, cleaner and more responsible future for Bucharest.

Recipients can be found in the following locations:

  1. 1 December St. x Bicaz St. Dam.
  2. 1 December St. x Laceni St.
  3. 1 December St. x Postavarului St.
  4. Nicolae Grigorescu St. x Burdujeni St.
  5. Nicolae Grigorescu St. x OMV Gas station
  6. Nicolae Grigorescu St. x Lunca Firdului St.
  7. Unirii Blvd. x Anton Pann St.
  8. Liviu Rebreanu St. x Odobesti St.
  9. Mihai Bravu St. x Baba Novac Roundabout
  10. Nicolae Grigorescu St. x Stanila Alley
  11. Mircea Voda St. x Nerva Traian St.
  12. Matei Basarab St. x Labyrinth St.
  13. Corneliu Coposu Blvd. x Iuliu Barasch St.
  14. Nerva Traian Blvd. x Panait Cerna St.
  15. Constantin Brancusi St. x Gloria Roundabout

The project is supported with funds from the Norwegian Government through Norway Grants 2009-2014 within the financing domain Green Innovation in Romanian Industry.

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