Pollutec Horizons - eco-technologies, energy and sustainable development show

de | aug. 5, 2013 | News



Pollutec Horizons is the International show of leading-edge solutions for the environment and sustainable development. This year's show will take place from December 3 to 6, in Paris, France, and is intended to be the only event that is held in Europe having a general perspective. It will support professionals interested in these subjects. The show will approach topics like: waste management, water treatment, renewable resources, energy efficiency, air quality, risk prevention, biodiversity, corporate social responsibility and ethics in procurement - with a focus on research and innovation. Besides these, Pollutec Horizons 2013 will also take into consideration several cross-cutting themes such as intelligent management of cities, in the section of the sustainable city, factory performance improvement as part of the sustainable industry section, and for the first time, sustainable development in the health units as part of the hospitals and sustainable development section. The show will also follow an ecological approach of other economic sectors such as trade and distribution or food industry. Continuing its approach to international development, this year’s edition of Pollutec Horizons enjoys South Korea’s presence as the country of the year and will present the best environmental practices in Scandinavian countries.

More details: www.pollutec.com