Public Debate regarding the modifications of the Gov. Ordinance 5/2015 in the Environment and Ecological Commission of the Chamber of Deputies

de | July. 26, 2016 | News

Govt. Ordinance 5/2015 has resumed its normal course in the Romanian Parliament after being blocked for a while. The Environment and Ecological Commission convened a new meeting on June 14th 2016. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Lucia Varga and was attended by representatives in the field of WEEE, except local authorities.

ECOTIC expressed its position on the current situation and ways to improve it:

  • Involvement of all stakeholders in reaching national targets;
  • Active involvement of local authorities by offering a public service for WEEE collection (in a collection center);
  • Control of parallel flows of WEEE;
  • Review of the authorization process for WEEE operators;

The conclusion of the meeting was that Gov. Ordinance 5/2015 must be thoroughly examined within working groups organized by the Commission in order to reach a form that would answer the most pressing needs.

On July 5th In 2016, the Commission convened its first working group. The debate was attended by Raul Pop, the new State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests.

Discussions were focused on essential points and all arguments were listened to. In conclusion, the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests promised to continue organizing work groups during the summer so that by the next meeting of the Environment and Ecological Commission, scheduled on August 30th, the content of the ordinance would be satisfactory to as many parties as possible.

ECOTIC was represented to both meetings by Valentin Negoita - President and Dragos Calugaru - General Director.