Regional Conference: "Local and Global Practices Necessary for Nature and Biodiversity Conservation"

de | July. 1, 2015 | News

On June 4th Bacau hosted a satellite event of the GREEN WEEK campaign, initiated in Brussels by the European Commission with the aim of raising awareness at European level on environment related topics. ECOTIC took part in this event in order to offer participants relevant information on correct WEEE recycling practices.

The third edition of the Regional Conference “Local and Global Practices Necessary for Nature and Biodiversity Conservation”, hosted by the Mircea Cancicov Business and Exhibitions Center in Bacau is an event dedicated to the World Environment Day and an important occasion to bring together representatives of public and environmental authorities, sanitation operators and companies dealing with waste collection-recycling-treatment in 1NE Region.

This type of event offers a precious opportunity of direct exchange of opinions and experience between participants; a complex system functions all the more efficiently as its parts become aware not only of the general picture, but also of the important role that everyone plays.

ECOTIC's regional representative, Florin Catz, presented the audience with relevant information not only on the organization's activity, but also on best practices in collecting, recycling and revaluating WEEE. Considering that the national legislation was modified with the introduction of EGO 5/2015, we happily take any opportunity to spread the necessary information on all levels: institutions, companies and the general audience; it is so necessary to know what we have to do for our actions to be appropriate and efficient in protecting the environment.