Students Can Recycle and Win the Title of "Doctor Honoris Natura"!

de | nov. 24, 2015 | News

On November 23rd 2015, ECOTIC together with the Polytechnic Univposter Hersity of Bucharest and the University of Bucharest mark the start of a new campaign, "Doctor Honoris Natura", addressed to the students of the two universities, with the purpose to inform and educate on the correct collection of waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and used batteries and portable accumulators.

The campaign will unfold between November 23-29, aiming to bring to students' attention the issue of correct recycling, its positive effects on both the environment and the community, by educating a healthy social behavior. Students will be informed and encouraged to recycle by using the containers made available by ECOTIC inside the Universities and the student dorms.

The campaign is a contest and it will unfold both on the field, where a team of promoters will inform and encourage students' participation, and on the organization's Facebook page, where ECOTIC has developed an application that will test the environmental knowledge of participants.

All registered participants will enter a final draw that will take place on December 4th. There will be three prizes for each of the two universities: a trip to the mountains for the winner and 5 of his friends, a foldable bicycle and a Samsung Galaxy pad. A total of six prizes will be awarded.

“We know we need to do things differently to communicate with the young. We need to be dynamic, interesting, funny or in any other emotional way. It's never easy. We count on our strong message to determine Bucharest's students to have fun posing as Doctor Honoris Natura, and at the same time find some important information on what a student can do about recycling and environmental protection ”Valentin Negoiță - President of ECOTIC.

"Doctor Honoris Natura" is part of ECOTIC's programs and campaigns for education institutions, in a continuous effort to bring awareness messages to the young generation.