The ECOTIC Caravan is currently in Transylvania and is approaching the 100,000 visitors threshold

de | nov. 24, 2015 | News

Last week the Caravan was in Cluj-Napoca and starting today, it is located in Alba Iulia. This mobile exhibition of electrical and electronic equipment was born of the idea of ​​delivering ECOTIC's message to as many towns as possible and to as varied publics as possible. From its start in November 2014, the ECOTIC Caravan has probably become the most visible and impactful campaign dedicated to education and public awareness on the need for correct collection and recycling of WEEE, integrating an efficient mechanism for effective collection.

Here are the figures that show the Caravan's record so far:

  • About 140 schools
  • 60 students
  • 30 towns
  • 24 public squares
  • 30 visitors in public squares
  • 7000 WEEE collected in local campaigns

We are approaching the 100,000 visitors threshold, both children and adults. Stay tuned for the next report and until then, keep an eye on the Caravan's route on the website and on the Facebook Page The ecoterrian.