The First WEEELABEX Certifications in Romania!

de | January. 12, 2016 | News

We start the year with some good news. Benefiting from ECOTIC's Weeelabex_logotireless contribution over years of promoting WEEELABEX standards and increased quality for WEEE treatment contracts, the first Romanian operators obtained the WEEELABEX certification: Remat Holding and Greenweee International.

The certification process started a few months ago and consisted of audit operations on decontamination activities and fulfillment of reuse targets. Daniel Picha – Leading WEEELABEX Auditor – of the Czech Republic and Diana Grosu, the WEEELABEX auditor of ECOTIC were part of the auditing team.

ECOTIC wishes to thank all teams involved in this process – the teams of our partners in Remat Holding and Greenweee International, as well as ECOTIC's operational team, for their perseverance and dedication.

These certifications mark and important moment: it is the start of a change for the better of the way WEEE are being treated at national level; this should set a good example for all other operators.

Keeping these standards means less polluting elements inside WEEE dispersed in the environment, less risk for the people working with WEEE and a higher recycling and reuse rate.

All operators in ECOTIC's system will observe these standards by the end of 2017 and ECOTIC will continue to promote them to become the mandatory national standard.

"Our profile (Greenweee International SA) is based on high quality standards, butgreenweee with the certification process we could assess the effectiveness of the procedures applied so far to the collection, treatment and recycling at WEEELABEX standard. The certificate is not granted easily, but during testing, discussion and analysis raised the desire to be at the level of the evaluation criteria. The WEEELABEX report indicated that we are on track and confirmed that we are among the European leaders in the recycling industry. However, we truly believe that there is always room for continuous improvement. The certificate is a hallmark of our operations and must be supported by the efforts of an entire team. Its value is an accumulation of elements that any plant in the recycling industry must have." Marius Costache – Executive Director of Greenweee International SA.

"Concern for an efficient and non-polluting recycling / recovery of waste finishedelectrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for reintroduction of secondary raw materials results in the economic cycle, saving natural resources and reducing pollution is a constant interest in the activity of REMATHOLDING under the slogan "COMPETENCE IN RECYCLING". The WEEELABEX certification in the collection and treatment of WEEE taken at the end of 2015 with the help of the Association ECOTIC, compels us to maintain the highest level for quality, efficiency and safety in carrying out these specific processes, ensuring, in this way, responsible and realistic professionalism. It is certainly an important step forward for REMATHOLDING, but for the recycling industry in Romania". Nicolae Manole – Economic Advisor, Remat Holding