The Winners of Stage I of the "ECO Days in Your School!" Campaign

de | July. 20, 2015 | News

The first stage of ECOTIC's campaign "ECO Days in Your School!" is over. As part of ECOTIC’s Caravan, this awareness campaign is targeted at children, their parents and teachers in secondary schools. Our message regarding the need to correctly collect and recycle WEEE reached 104 schools in 23 Romanian towns, involving over 50.000 children. All schools entered a fun and useful contest and the jury decided on the winners. 20.1 tons of WEEE and 2.25 tons of battery waste were collected as a result.

Started in November 2014, the first stage of the “ECO Days in Your School!” campaign ended at the same time as the school year, in June 2015. Part of ECOTIC’s Caravan, this campaign was set on very clear and easy to monitor objectives: reaching a high number of schools and thus a public that is sensitive to educational input ( children), organizing eco-educational and awareness activities and finalizing with concrete actions for the collection of WEEE and battery waste. We wanted to make everything as much fun as possible, so we entered the schools in a competition; based on their level of involvement and collection results, the most hard-working schools were to receive awards. The ECOTIC Caravan is co-financed by the European Union's Life + instrument.

We are happy to report not only on the winners of the contest, but also on the magnitude of children, teachers 'and parents' involvement at national level. We were supported by our big hearted friend, the Ecoterrian, but also by more than 50000 children from 104 schools. Helped by their teachers and parents, the kids learned about how to correctly collect and recycle, about the environment and its protection, about the responsible use of our planet's resources; they worked to clean their school and their neighborhood, they planted trees and plants and created their own works of art - essays, paintings or audio-video materials.

More than 20 tons of WEEE and 2 tons of battery waste were collected as a result.

We are sure that each and every activity in which students and teachers were involved as part of the “ECO Days in Your School” Campaign will translate into a brighter future: more of us know now what to do and how to act to care for the environment.

ECOTIC congratulates all participants and is proud to announce the three winners:

First prize and an eco-camp for 20 pupils - “Carmen Sylva” Secondary School, Iasi, coordinating teacher Mariana Dinter;

Second prize and an intelligent board - Sports High School in Botosani, coordinating teacher Anca Toma;

Third prize and a video projector + a home cinema system - “Vasile Alecsandri” Secondary School, Roman, coordinating teacher Poenaru Alexandra Georgiana.

The eco-camp "Love for the Mountains" took place between June 30th - July 5th 2015 in Gura Raului (Sibiu). The secondary school children were involved in very attractive activities for their age: mountain walks, touristic orientation, camping, seminars (touristic markings, endangered species of plants in Cindrel Mountains, water - the source of life, first aid, rules of the mountains) , eco-workshops, creative workshops and the camp fire made the best of this wonderful camp.

ECOTIC and the Caravan's partners wish to thank everybody for their contribution in shaping a correct perception of the new generation regarding the environment's protection and care. Our team is already setting up the next stage of the “ECO Days in Your School” campaign that will start this fall.