The Winners of the 7th Edition on the Clean Environment Awards Gala

de | January. 12, 2016 | News

ECOTIC wrapped up 2015 with the already traditional For a Clean Environment - Awards Gala, a well-deserved festive moment for all those who have been involved, alongside the organization, in actions dedicated to the environment: from the collection of waste, to educating the civic spirit and changing mentalities. It was an event filled with the joy and emotion of seeing things done; there were people on stage who brought in a type of enthusiasm that should be present in any action related to our future.

In the Gala's seven editions, the number of registered projects went up visibly. 87 projects were registered for the current edition, which is the highest number so far. Dedicated to recycling, greening, caring for nature or raising awareness, all registered projects proved that the civic spirit and pro-environment attitude can be educated and encouraged to be ultimately put in the service of the community.

ECOTIC wishes to congratulate all initiatives and is delighted to announce the winners of the four Gala categories:

The Grand Prize for Public Institutions: the Environmental Protection Agency Prahova

Winning Project: Eco-education project for the pupils of Prahova "THINK GREEN, THINK CLEAN!"

Premiu-Institutie-Publica.jpg (2048 × 1367)


The Grand Prize for NGOs: Greeninitiative Association

Winning Project: The Platform „Green Schools - advocacy, eco-education and support for sustainable schools”

Premiu-ONG.jpg (2048 × 1367)

The Grand Prize for Education Institutions: Secondary School No. 1 Bistrita

Winning Project: "ECOefficient"

Premiu-Scolii.jpg (2048 × 1367)

The Grand Prize for Companies: PROCREDIT BANK SA

Winning Project: "ProEco CREDIT"

Premiu-Companii.jpg (2048 × 1367)

The jury of the 2015 Gala was composed of: Raluca Ouriaghli - Workshops Without Borders, Iulia Sirgher - InfoCons, Raluca Costache - Green Report, Simona R. Marcusohn - the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests, Adina Magsi - Alucro, Dragoș Călugăru - ECOTIC.

 “We are thrilled that the number and diversity of projects registered for the Clean Environment Awards Gala are going up every year. This implicitly proves that Romanians are gradually becoming more involved and preoccupied in ensuring a clean environment and a sustainable lifestyle ” said Valentin Negoita - President of ECOTIC.


ECOTIC wishes to thank all participants and partners for their involvement in an event that celebrated, on the eve of winter holidays, the care and responsibility towards the one and only thing that makes everything else possible: the environment.

Details of the project here.

The Clean Environment Gala is part of the ECOTIC Caravan project, co-financed through the European Union Life + Program.