ZF's Conference on environmental issues: "How will we clean Romania?"

de | October. 27, 2014 | News

Ziarul Financiar organized on September 16, the Conference "How will we clean Romania?" . At the event participated representatives of companies directly involved in the area of ​​environmental protection, recycling, waste collection, multinationals, as well as environmental authorities.

The following aspects were discussed:

• Awareness raising action regarding selective collection and recycling

• Western states experience in the environmental field

• The optimal combination of positive incentives (ie vouchers) and the punitive ones (taxes on waste collected)?

• What role can the lodgers associations play in the separate collection and recycling (as opposed to common bins, separate containers)?

• What’s the value of the recycling market and how can we encourage the green industries?

• How to involve companies in environmental protection? How can we help companies educate employees for compliance with environmental regulations in order to have a cleaner environment?

Speakers of the event were Viorica Paraschiv - National Environmental Guard, Valentin Negoita - ECOTIC, Radu Opaina - Romanian Lodgers Association, Augusta Tepes - Marketing Client Manager, Carrefour Romania, Roxana Sunica - Marketing Manager, Recolamp, Ionut Georgescu, GM - Intersemat.