About us

ECOTIC BAT is an organization established in 2011 in order to manage the responsibilities on behalf of the batteries and accumulators producers and to organize separately and efficiently a complementary component to the basic activity of ECOTIC: the collection and recycling of waste portable and industrial batteries and accumulators.

In addition, ECOTIC BAT develops efficient and beneficial partnerships with operators and authorities for the environmentally friendly treatment, recycling and disposal of this type of waste.

ECOTIC BAT results have grown impressively in recent years; together with an experienced team and an already well-developed infrastructure, at the end of 2019 ECOTIC BAT already had over 6624 collection points nationwide and managed to implement national awareness and education campaigns.

Through the "And the little ones do great deeds" campaign alone, more than 30.000 preschoolers and schoolchildren across the country were involved in eco-education and accountability actions. 

from 2019, ECOTIC BAT is
member eucobat

ECOTIC BAT operating license

Our annual activity reports are  HERE