Donate IT equipment and "Join the circle of solidarity"

de | mart. 30, 2022 | Articles, News

In the 15 years of activity, ECOTIC has sought, in addition to environmental protection activities, to improve the standard of living of the company to which it belongs.

Over the years, ECOTIC donated over 34 IT equipment to disadvantaged schools and communities, which have enjoyed access to modern technology and education.

Although the collection and recycling of electrical waste has an important stake from a dual perspective: the elimination of toxic and environmentally hazardous substances as well as the achievement of very high recycling targets, it is important to remember that their reuse it is a chance to prolong their life.

Project "Join the circle of solidarity" is an initiative of ECOTIC, launched in 2017, which each year brings more and more partners involved in the same cause. The aim of this project is to revitalize used IT equipment by preparing it for reuse and then donating it to disadvantaged communities.

This project is aimed at companies that want to donate functional IT equipment or that can be refurbished in hopes of reuse. Companies can sign up for a donation form here.

In 2020, ECOTIC with the support of GreenWEEE, APDETIC, Informal IT School, Workshops without Borders and RFI, donated 132 IT equipment to 14 schools. There were over 70 organizations that signed up to receive refurbished IT equipment, most of which were represented by rural schools. This highlights, once again, the acute need for IT equipment among educational institutions, especially those in rural areas.

ECOTIC is the only organization in the field that supports through the partnership with Ateliere fără Frontiere the reuse of IT equipment to be subsequently donated to schools, placement centers or NGOs that have not benefited from IT facilities. Also, ECOTIC contributed together with ASRO and CERC to the transposition into Romanian of the requirements regarding the preparation for reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Companies are invited to donate otherwise discarded IT equipment, to actively contribute to the digitization of beneficiaries in disadvantaged areas and at the same time to contribute to one of the 3 stages of the concept "The 3 Rs -> Reduce - Reuse - Recycle"

The reuse of IT equipment contributes both to environmental protection, by preventing the generation of electrical and electronic waste, and to the education of young people from disadvantaged areas and categories through donations made by ECOTIC and its partners.