ECOTIC for 15 years a reliable partner of affiliated manufacturers

de | October. 18, 2021 | Articles, News

ECOTIC is actively involved and supports over 600 affiliated producers both in fulfilling the legal obligations transferred contractually, and in identifying the risks related to non-transferable obligations, in order to maximize the degree of compliance regarding the management of electrical waste.

According to the specific legislation, the Manufacturer is the legal entity that puts for the first time on the Romanian market electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). They have the obligation to report the quantities placed on the market and, at the same time, to get involved in the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from the population by reaching the collection target of 65%.

Annually, the ECOTIC team evaluates the degree of satisfaction of the affiliated producers, in order to improve the services offered, professionalism and transparency being values ​​promoted during the 15 years of activity. Following the 2020 annual opinion poll, with an overall result of 93,95% satisfaction, the Producers reported that the most appreciated aspects were “how the ECOTIC team got involved and resolved the requests” and “how ECOTIC fulfills its contractual requirements regarding WEEE management responsibilities ”.

The Manufacturer Relations Department permanently maintains contact with the affiliated Manufacturers, who benefit from:

  • Seminars held annually, dedicated to contract managers on transferable obligations and practical solutions for implementing processes that support a high level of compliance;
  • Seminars to present the new legislative regulations, the tax obligations to AFM and last but not least, the information on non-transferable obligations to ECOTIC.
  • Assistance in preparing and recording EEA reports placed on the market; Prompt response to requests for both reporting to the authorities and recommendations on how to increase compliance;
  • Assistance in preparing the annual registration documentation to the National Agency for Environmental Protection;
  • Support in case of control of the National Environmental Guard, AFM or other control bodies with relevant attributions by transmitting the relevant information and documents held by ECOTIC;
  • Assistance in the use of the dedicated platform, a tool developed in order to streamline the reporting activity and maintain a high degree of transparency in the development of the contract;


In a growing market, with a growing number of Transfer of Responsibility Organizations, ECOTIC has set itself since its inception, to differentiate itself vertically in the operational area, a constant concern for improvement, promoting good European practices, maintaining professionalism in direct communication and last but not least the creation of a producer-oriented organizational culture and the maintenance of its standards.