de | July. 22, 2020 | Articles, News

We continue the series of interviews, and this week we have invited Adina Tudor - Sr. Community Affairs Coordinator within Coca-Cola HBC Romania.

Adina Tudor is a dedicated and persevering man in community support projects, dividing her time between greening and protecting the environment, awareness campaigns on the importance of selective collection of recyclable waste and programs that support the personal and professional development of young people.

ECOLOGICAL:What activities did you carry out during this period spent at home?

Adina Tudor: It was and is an extremely interesting period. I have an 8-year-old girl, 3 cats and a hamster. Our life is always "spiced" with activities that consume energy and stimulate creativity, only now I had to find a way to carry them out only at home. Moreover, I put all my teaching skills to the test so that I could go through the XNUMXst grade subjects with my daughter. It wasn't easy from the perspective of the insufficient time I was able to allocate, but I finished the class with a well-deserved FB 😊 And, as sitting alone in the house makes you notice anything that can be improved, I and my husband embarked on a DIY renovation project, which worked out great for us.

ECOTIC: What do you think were the benefits for the environment during this period?

Adina Tudor: As we all read and even observed on a personal level, the benefits for the environment were significant. I took a break from the usual activities and this automatically involved a necessary break for the environment. I think that the most visible effects were observed in air quality, due to the small number of trips in cities, but also outside them during quarantine. The pollution of green spaces has also decreased, as no picnic outings or other similar events have been organized. I also believe that people have become more aware of the need for selective collection and storage of household waste in specially designed spaces. I am confident that this will be reflected in responsible behavior from now on.

ECOTIC: How did this period impact you? Personally, but also professionally.

Adina Tudor: It was a period of recalibration, of re-establishing personal priorities. I enjoyed my time with my family. At the same time, the isolation in the house and the work only in front of the laptop I think have left a little mark on me. However, I am happy that my family and friends are safe and healthy, that I have passed this period well.

From a professional point of view, it was the period that I feel brought me the greatest satisfaction. Coca-Cola HBC Romania is very involved in supporting the communities, and the support we offered, together with Coca-Cola Romania, was significant. The positive impact that our work has on those around us who need help feeds me with good energy, hope and determination to do even more for the community.

ECOTIC: Have you decided to change something in your daily work, related to environmental protection?

Adina Tudor: I think the best time to make changes to protect the environment is "now." Whether we are referring to the past or the future, or to July 22, 2020, changes for the better do not have to depend on context. I do everything I can to negatively impact the environment as little as possible, both at home and at the office. Coca-Cola HBC, the most sustainable company in Romania, is involved in community support projects and constantly runs programs not only to reduce the impact on the environment, but also to build a tomorrow at least as good as today. We believe that #dupanoi must leave a world at least as beautiful and clean.

We thank Mrs. Adina Tudor for the time given and the thoughts shared with us.