Green Stamp - contribution to WEEE management

de | aug. 25, 2021 | Articles, News

ECOTIC introduced in 2007, for the first time on the Romanian market, Green® stamp, a symbol that has become over time, for consumers, a guarantee of the management of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

The Green Stamp (TV) is the cost attached to the sale of electrical and electronic equipment. It is the remuneration meant to cover the costs of collection, preparation for reuse, recycling, recovery and clean disposal of WEEE. and consumer awareness costs, activities to be financed by * EEE producers, according to art. 28-32 of GEO 5/2015.

Specifically, when purchasing electrical equipment you will see on the purchase documents of the product an amount highlighted separately. This contribution (TV) is used exclusively to finance the costs of managing electrical and electronic waste.


What is electrical equipment?

An electrical equipment is any device that operates on batteries or connected to the mains.

What is the flow of the Green Stamp?

This contribution is collected by the merchant from whom you purchase the electronic product who subsequently transfers it to the liability transfer organization to which the merchant / manufacturer is affiliated, in order to fulfill its legal obligations (annual target of 65%)

The transfer organization is responsible for supervising the collection, reuse, recycling, recovery and non-polluting disposal of waste collected on behalf of the manufacturer who placed the electronic product on the market.

Why do we pay the Green Stamp?

Each of us pays this contribution to the purchase of electrical or electronic equipment to ensure the financing of the system that contains all the operations necessary for the recycling of the resulting waste. Many electrical equipment contain hazardous substances that have a negative impact on the environment and human health if not collected separately and then recycled.

How can we contribute?

It is the duty of each of us that when electronic equipment breaks down and becomes electronic waste, we go and hand it over separately to a collection point to be subsequently transferred to a recycling plant.

In GEO 5/2015, ART 34 provides the obligation of the buyer to collect WEEE separately and not to dispose of WEEE together with unsorted municipal waste.