Pill batteries: a real danger for the little ones

de | July. 14, 2020 | Articles, News

ECOTIC BAT launches educational animation - Safe use of pill batteries

Bucharest, 14.07.2020 Pill batteries can be a real danger to little ones when left unattended. ECOTIC BAT comes to the aid of parents with an educational animation, meant to signal how the little ones can avoid swallowing the pill-type batteries and how to act in such situations.

ECOTIC BAT launches an educational animation that highlights the danger to which children are exposed when parents do not pay enough attention to the storage of small batteries. At the same time, it presents the main steps that parents must follow in these situations.

 Animation is available on www.ecotic.ro/baterii and on the channel YouTube - ECOTIC Organization.

Pill batteries, ranging in size from 5 to 25 mm, are specially designed for use in small equipment such as watches, toys, medical equipment or even sound cards. Due to their small size, there is a risk that they will be swallowed by children once they are within reach or when the battery compartment is not secure. Ingestion of pill-type batteries can cause serious airway injuries, which is why it is extremely important for parents to seek emergency medical attention.

"We have had several cases of children who swallowed pill-type batteries, or where the parents could not find the batteries from the children's toys. They would call me in alarm and I would usually direct them to a security room. Sometimes they didn't realize it the risks of this type of incident, and time was precious. I consider it extremely important to inform parents about the possible risks, about how to prevent or how to act in case of ingestion or aspiration of small objects, especially batteries, "said Ilinca Tranulis, pediatrician.

Studies show that in the last two decades, the incidence of pill-type battery intake and associated morbidity and mortality has increased.

Internationally, 62% of cases in which a pill-type battery is swallowed involve children under 5 years of age. In most cases it is a 1-2 year old child[1].

“Parents go through many stages in the first years of a child's life and the stage of knowledge of the environment by the little one, comes naturally and with a multitude of dangers. Pill batteries are some of the dangers that need a lot of attention, I'm glad that ECOTIC BAT decided to start a campaign in this regard and I recommend parents to watch this video to know how to prevent but also how to act in such situations. " said Luminita - Mirela Alexandrescu, family doctor.

The campaign is part of ECOTIC BAT's efforts to raise public awareness of the correct use and disposal of all types of batteries and accumulators, thus protecting our environment and health.

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