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Tania finds Seven

The children left the Early Forest when the sun had already set. It had been a magical day, unique in their lives, and they were all walking to the village in silence, thinking, barely coming to believe that what had happened in the forest had been true. They would soon get home and the normalcy of the village would seem unreal to them.

In turn, in the forest, the Ecoterrians - usually noisy and restless - were silent and motionless. Even for such old beings, who had seen so many, the surprise of a group of children who could see them had been great.

Seven was the first to break the silence.

"It simply came to our notice then. Why don't they have a Seven? I keep thinking about Vic's old dream - do you remember? He dreamed that the Earth was made up of two halves - one green, fluffy, and one warm, fluffy. I think the time has come when a big change is near, but for that the two halves need to exist. "

Two interventions:

"I think I understand what you're saying. The green half is us, the warm half is the people. It's not like that?"

"Yes, I think so," said Seven. "And somehow there has to be balance. If there are seven of us, there must be seven of them. It's just that we don't have Six anymore… And the children are missing Seven. What to do?…"

And again, silence fell in the Beginning Forest. Nobody knew what to do.


At home, Tania was getting ready for bed. She had been entertained at dinner and put the plum skin over the stew on the plate. She had eaten quietly, not noticing what she had done. But the grandfather had seen it, and just before his niece went to bed, he sat down on the chair by her bed and said,

"My dear Tania, I want to tell you a story tonight." What do you say?

- The story? return to reality little girl - what story?

"A story about some green elves living in the woods!" the old man mustached himself, placing his spectacles on his nose.

Tania looked at her grandfather with wide eyes. Had he guessed anything? And why did his grandfather resemble the old Ecoterrian Seven, as he sat with his glasses on his nose, lightly brought from behind and looking with gentle and wise eyes?

- Uh yes… I want a story, Grandpa! And the gleaming, exploratory eyes of our little heroine twinkled with interest.

"Once upon a time," my grandfather began, "a family of green, fluffy elves called Ecoterrians." They were kind and gentle and loved the planet on which they were born. And, apart from the planet, the elves loved something with all their souls… They loved children! Although they were just boys, the Ecoterrians knew how to behave with their children…

- Not true, they also have a girl between them! Tania snapped reluctantly. And immediately he put his hand to his mouth. Here you go! His mouth had taken it beforehand!

- Seriously?? Grandpa wondered. But how do you know that?

- Eiiiii… I think so. There's always a girl. Who should take care of them?

"Well, the truth is, there has to be a girl to make them food," Grandpa continued.

"That's not why they need her."… Ecoterrians do not eat!

Oops! And his damn linguist had given it away.

Tania lowered her eyes. He could feel his grandfather's insistent gaze.

"My dear," Grandfather began softly. I know about Ecoterrians and I know you can see them. Not just you, but your friends too. And, if I'm not mistaken, you need a Seven for your secret group to be complete…

Silence. It was obvious that Tania had an idea. Yeah, obviously, why hadn't he realized by then ??

- Grandpa! - Tania's voice was heard, barely controlling her enthusiasm - don't you want to be Seven ??