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Seven meets Seven

As you probably already suspect, Grandpa didn't let Tania ask him too much to agree to become Seven.

Now the burning question was - how did he know so much? And… would he see the Ecoterrians? After all, my grandfather had left his childhood some time ago

We will reveal the mystery to you, but, our dear children, please remain our secret: it seems that since the time of Vic - the first boy he could see - there had always been an old man among the people who watched over that gifted child. . Most of the time, the protector was the child's grandfather. You know, grandparents are magical beings; they can do so many more things than we can imagine.

So was Tania's grandfather. A grandfather with unsuspected powers! He didn't know where all sorts of ideas came from in his mind either. What is certain is that, for some time now (most likely from the moment Tania saw Ecoterrieni for the first time), her grandfather simply knew: he knew about Ecoterrieni, he knew what they looked like, he knew that his niece could see them and that he escaped every day into the forest near the village. And he knew he had to be with her.

Eeei, and for some time his grandfather had longed for the forest and his childhood. He dreamed again in the middle of nature, whistling and lazing at the base of an old oak tree, letting the sun caress his eyes. What did he miss… Yes, that is, why not Seven? He would have done great!

So, the next day, Grandpa woke up early (he was even more agile, let's be honest!) And was looking forward to the little girl waking up. He put the fresh milk in the cups, fed the chickens, and talked a little with Tania's mother. Then he sat down on the bench.

It wasn't long before Tania appeared on the porch. She stared at her grandfather, as if she wanted to read on his face if their conversation last night had really taken place.

- Good morning, beautiful child! his grandfather shouted. Come on, run to the table, we're going to the forest!

"So I didn't dream !!" Tania thought. She was really happy. He couldn't wait to let everyone know that the band was complete by now!

Andu, Beti, Cris, Dan and Eleni immediately accepted Tania's grandfather as Seven. It seemed to them the most natural thing in the world: his grandfather was old, wise, wore glasses and walked a little bent. It was the most suitable Seven!

So, not long after breakfast, the six children (plus a grandfather) were walking towards the forest.

- Heeeei! One, Two, Seven, I've arrived! Tania shouted as their group reached their usual meeting place. Strangely, the Ecoterrians were usually already here, because they had felt the children since they entered the forest. Hmmm, what had happened?

- Tania, where are they? Eleni gave voice to the concern of all the children.

"We're all here," Grandpa said. But they don't know me and maybe they're a little scared.

That was it. The ecoterrians were all there. Hidden behind the trees, they looked with wide eyes at the first adult man they had seen for centuries. What was he doing there? Were they safe?

Seven, in particular, studied his grandfather carefully. He was quite tall and that made him funny. He had a white beard - alas, but who else had seen such a thing? The real and beautiful beards were green… But he had soft and penetrating eyes, and he had… had… glasses in his eyes !!

Seven slapped their foreheads and shouted in the minds of the Ecoterrians:

"It's Seven !! They found Seven !! ”

And at that moment, Seven came forward and stood in front of his grandfather.

"Hello, Seven! I am… Seven! ”

Grandpa blinked, because he couldn't show how excited and agitated he was. See. Although he was old, he could see. What a miracle!