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Tania has a plan

I left Tania on her way home last time, while a lot of thoughts were going on in her head. Beyond the excitement and delight of discovering something so amazing in the woods, Tania thought of the following: to say or not to say? I mean, to keep the secret of the Ecoterrians for her or to tell someone else ??

Hard to decide. And besides, who would believe it? Maybe just other kids? ”

And from this thought, a whole plan miraculously lined the girl's mind. She looked great, gorgeous, worthy of great people! In short, Tania wanted to bring more children to the Ecoterreni gang.

I mean, if she was Six, couldn't she find a child One, or a girl Two? And with these thoughts, our dear Tania, who has recently become Six, fell asleep.

The next day, Tania sat comfortably on the wooden bench in the backyard. It was a warm June morning, she had just drunk her hot milk and eaten her favorite cakes. He was in very good shape, so he took his chin in his palms, frowned a little (that's what big men did when they focused), and began to think:

Let's see:

One he was the friendly Ecoterrian. He had appeared first and was the most open of them all. Who was like that in her village, among the children? Oh, ready, he found it! Andu!

Two she was the happiest and most playful of the Ecoterrians. And besides, she was a girl. Hmm. who would be in the village to look like them? Of course, Beti!

Delighted, Tania sat down better, rebuked Iza, the doll, because she was hunched over, and resumed her plan.

Three he was sensitive and bohemian and gave life with a smile and a look. Here Tania was a little confused. To be honest, she knew a boy in the village who had such a smile… her name was Cris and he lived two houses away. She was just a little ashamed to go to him. You know, Tania secretly liked Cris. But Tania was too determined not to carry out her plan. That's it, Cris will be Three!

Ecoterrianul Four he was the protector. And in the village there was only one child who had this role: Then, the gardener!

Tania rubbed her hands happily: her plan was going great!

Further, Five. Ecoterrian Cinci had blue eyes and was always looking at the sky. And here it was pretty easy. Eleni was the girl with the bluest eyes in the village. It would look great as Eleni Cinci!

She, Tania, was Six.

La SevenWell, that was a problem. No child was as old and wise as Ecoterrian Seven. Tania frowned at this hop. But, as it suits a child, Tania immediately brightens up. She had time to find Seven as well. Until him, he had to talk to Andu, Beti, Cris (wow, how his heart was beating), Dan and Eleni!

So, with most of the plan in place, Tania got up from the bench and went home. She wanted to get ready, put on her most beautiful dress (something unusual for her, but probably related to her visit to Cris) and go talk to her friends in the village. She was very happy - it was more than a new game, it was a real adventure!

All the while, a pair of old, wise eyes had been watching Tania closely. From behind the curtain, the grandfather looked at his niece with hope. Did he understand anything?

Remains to be seen!