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What do Ecoterrians eat?

Panic sets in for the first time.

Tania did not know how to behave and what to do. It was clear that her plan had gone crazy - how could she suspect that the other children could see the Ecoterrieni too ?? But how she was, in her soul, a true explorer, full of courage and solutions - what luck! - panic lasts less than a heartbeat.

Instead of panic, in the heart of our little heroine is the boundless joy of having not six, but eleven friends to play with, to discover the forest and the mysteries of nature. The only urgent mission, which could no longer bear the delay, was to calm his gang.

"Well, didn't I tell you?" Tania began in a cheerful, confident voice that was as reassuring as she could be. See? They are green, fluffy and completely friendly, meaning very expensive and cute and they also have a girl between them! Tania gives the ultimate argument: that if there was a girl among the elves, that should calm everyone down! It is well known that girls are usually good and kind.

Eleni was the first to come out of motion. By nature, she was gentle and confident, and if Tania was so relaxed, she caught more heart.

- Hi, I'm Eleni. Five! our blond little girl with sky-blue eyes muttered.

"Five?" the Ecoterrian Five marveled, and the blue gazes of the two Five - leprechaun and man - met. And, miraculously, the two completely lose their fear.

The same thing happens, then, with everyone: one by one, the two One, Two, Three, Four and Five met and the shock wave caught decreasing in intensity. Instead, curiosity arose.

"Since when have you been here?"

- How old are you?

"Where are your mothers and fathers?"

- Where you live?

- Do you have children?

- What are you eating?

The siege of the children's questions continues for several hours. The ecoterrians were very happy with the children's interest. As they were always eager to pass on knowledge and information, we can take advantage of this situation to find out more about our green friends. Because the truth is that there are many things we don't know very well, although here we are quite far away, in the 13th story! Good luck with the children's questions and curiosity…

And that's how I found out that the Ecoterrians were on Earth from the very beginning, which made them as old as the planet. They did not know their mothers and fathers, because they were created by the Earth itself. In a way, the blue planet was both their mother and their father. They lived in wild areas, most often in forests. There were communities of Ecoterrians all over the world, and there were seven elves everywhere. It was the perfect number. No, they didn't have children - and that's why they loved children so much and were so happy to play with them. And to eat, they did not eat.

- What do you mean you don't eat? Andu One wondered. I mean you don't like pies ?? Or raspberries? Or the blueberry jam biscuits ??

Well, it seems that the Ecoterrians didn't even know them all. They knew nothing about the goodies cooked by their mothers, for example. Not even Seven had experienced such a thing.

That we are still talking about Seven: it is noteworthy that the old leprechaun kept looking long, from time to time, at the group of children, then at the edge of the forest. He was waiting for someone or something. And finally he asked Tania:

"But where is your Seven?"