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The big change

And yet, how had Six returned? By what miracle had the little green explorer reappeared?

After the shock of the reunion, Ecoterrian Six had told his friends everything he knew.

He didn't remember very well where he had been or how long he had been there. All he knew was that he was well, that he was rested, and that at one point he felt his friends calling him. He had been absorbed by a fragrant current, which had brought him to the glade of the Beginning Forest.

"Okay, okay, but why now?" One insisted, puzzled.

Six shrugged. He had no idea. But he was very pleased that, on his return, he had found not six, but thirteen playmates! He, one, was looking forward to starting a game of hiding in the woods, or something new, maybe? He was impatient. He was especially waiting to play with the bright-eyed girl who was looking at him for a long time - Tania had said he was calling her. He had the spirit of an explorer, and Six liked this very much!

An hour passed before Seven informed Six of everything that had happened since he disappeared. Oooo, how long it had been!…

"I'm sorry I lost so many years away from you, but I seem to have only recovered well," chuckled Six. "Now we have six children's friends… although, Santa, you look a little different. I have never seen a child like you! ” the newly arrived Ecoterrian marveled.

"I'm a little older," Grandpa smiled. But I can't wait to play!

We already know that both children and Ecoterrians loved to play. So, once the start was given, the motley group of people and elves started hai-hui through the forest, chirping and enjoying the thick shade and the labyrinth of vegetation. It's clear - the forest is the most wonderful playground!

As time went on, the group came to life, and without realizing it, the fourteen friends got very close to the village edge of the forest — much more than they usually did. And it was evening, when the people returned from work in the fields.

Our elves didn't worry. After all, they were invisible! And it was the first game since Six's return - the enthusiasm was too great to worry about.

The first to notice the change was Seven. At first, a handful of people had gathered near the forest. Then the group of people increased to ten. Soon, almost all the villagers gathered at the edge of the forest, watching, with wide eyes, the green and fluffy shadows that appeared, from time to time, from behind the trees.

A profound change had taken place with the return of Six. And Seven know, at the same time as all the other Ecoterrians: they had become visible to all men!

Was that a good thing? Were they in danger? Did people accept them?

Remains to be seen…