"Friends of the environment during the pandemic" - Second Edition with Victor Kapra

de | July. 9, 2020 | Articles, News

We continue the series of interviews "Friends of the environment during the pandemic" with Victor Kapra, a well-known journalist and blogger who emphasizes the positive aspects of the current period, reducing consumption and reducing waste.

ECOLOGICAL:What activities did you carry out during this period spent at home?

Victor Capra: I have been working from home for many years, so the change has not been spectacular. I continued to produce content, with an ear pricked on alarming news.

ECOTIC: What do you think were the benefits for the environment during this period?

Victor Capra: People traveled much less, bought less clothes, economic activity (unfortunately) decreased drastically, and these involutions were immediately seen, happily, in the quality of air, water. The Black Sea, for example, has recovered in the spring in terms of pollution. Of course we can't go back to the candle instead of the light bulb (eco-friendly, with LEDs), but this forced exercise to reduce consumption has drawn our attention to the waste we do: clothes worn only once, food thrown away, giving up walking on down or by bike etc.

ECOTIC: How did this period impact you? Personally, but also professionally.

Victor Capra: You only begin to realize the importance of something when you no longer have it. I now value much more the freedom - to go where you work, to meet friends for coffee - after the lockdown period. Professionally, we are all going through a period of anxiety, it is impossible to know what our future will be, when economic growth will resume.

ECOTIC: Have you decided to change something in your daily work, related to environmental protection?

Victor Capra: Although economists are happy when consumption increases, I strive to reduce it and waste it.

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