"Friends of the environment during the pandemic" - First Edition with Mihai Mălaimare

de | July. 1, 2020 | Products

"Friends of the environment during the pandemic" is a series of interviews through which we want to find out the impact of social distancing on daily life, including environmental habits, among people in the environment and beyond. This week's edition has in the main role Mr. Mihai Mălaimare, well-known theater and film actor, but also ECOTIC Ambassador.

We invite you to watch what he tells us!

ECOLOGICAL: What activities did you carry out during this period spent at home?

Disclaimer: The main problem was trying to keep as much as possible the solution to continue my professional activity, both in terms of me and in terms of theater actors. Working online is not a long-term solution for theater. From my point of view, it meant more hours of work because the time I lose every day traveling to and from the theater could be reinvested. I managed to write two books that I published on caietelemasca.ro, which was obviously a gain, because under normal conditions I should have pushed the date of its appearance beyond the summer.

I also managed to find some time for the garden, I grew tomatoes, which was an interesting experience, especially since there is a new variety between them (at least for me) and I can't wait to reap the results.

ECOTIC: What do you think were the benefits for the environment during this period?

Mlaiming: Probably the closure of so many factories gave the environment a chance to relax, pollution decreased. These things show us that medium and long-term thinking about environmental protection is absolutely necessary. Pandemics are not the solution. They can show some ways and in any case the fact that the real protection of the environment lies in our powers. With one condition: the issue of pollution and environmental protection must be of national interest, subsidized and not sponsored by the major polluters who thus ensure absolute peace.

ECOTIC: How did this period impact you? Personally, but also professionally.

Mlaiming: Unpleasant. The world seems to have embraced what is becoming a social distance and not a physical one. In fact, so many things have happened and are happening in the world that have nothing to do with human rights that I am terrified. The pandemic has been used to restrict civil rights, to carry out a totalitarian exercise so that I believe that human society is facing a very difficult test which, if it loses, and there is a good chance that such a thing will happen, will find that he is faced with a collective guilt, because all that will be negative for the whole world will be the natural consequence of the indolence with which he looked at all kinds of violations of his rights as a society and of each individual. In the face of these serious problems, I do not think that the impact suffered personally matters anymore.

ECOTIC: Have you decided to change something in your daily work, related to environmental protection?

Mlaiming: I am a man who takes the issue of environmental protection very seriously and I do not think I have anything to decide about my own conduct. We must probably all try to stop cutting down the country's forests (not just illegal ones), to cultivate and protect local varieties of vegetables, trees and trees, to establish or expand the area of ​​protected natural areas. Man has destroyed, consciously or not, the planet and I think we are in the last second in which something could be done, otherwise nature will protect itself by destroying this unconscious society and unable to say STOP!

Thanks to Mr. Mihai Mălaimare for the time given and his vision on this trial period, but also appreciation of the environment!