Recycling and recovery of WEEE through ECOTIC

de | nov. 4, 2021 | Products

blankInterview given to the Magazine Standardization by Mr. Dragoș Călugăru, General Manager of ECOTIC.

Standardization Magazine: You have been active for more than 15 years in the development of WEEE collection, recycling and recovery infrastructure. How have private companies and national authorities become involved in this activity over the years?

Dragos Călugaru: Indeed, there is already a 15-year history in this field in Romania, related to the Extended Responsibility of Producers, similar to areas such as packaging, batteries, tires and others that will enter the near future: textiles, construction waste, oils worn and others.

Certainly the evolution could be better and we cannot detach this field from the large area of ​​waste management in Romania where things have evolved slowly - the separate collection of recyclable waste at municipal / local level is still in its infancy.

Romania has come to collect…

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