ECOTIC awarded the winners of the 2022 Clean Environment Awards Gala!

de | Dec. 13, 2022 | Awards Gala, News

Bucharest, December 13

ECOTIC awarded on Monday, December 12,  The awards for a Clean Environment from this year, in the presence of over 100 people, representatives of public authorities, companies and NGOs involved in the field of environmental protection. Clean Environment Awards Gala identify and promote by 14 years personalities, projects, and initiatives dedicated to environmental protection. All this time over 700 projects were entered in the competition by public institutions, education, companies and NGOs. This year, the jury made up of representatives of Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests, Info Cons, Association of Romanian Municipalities and Hotnews have designated the winners at those 4 categories:


EDUboost developed Bigger Picture Digital Education Association EDUboost is a series of podcasts in which the little ones were presented with a series of "themes for big people on the minds of children": What is global warming? What is sustainability? Why is it good to collect waste separately? What does it mean to recycle? The EDUboost idea starts from a reality: children want to learn new things through digital means, play and especially stories.

"It is a project that has gathered an organic community around teachers, students, parents and especially children. And it's important for us to continue to grow not only in episodes, but also in visibility and people who really believe in this product." Andra Cărbunaru and Măriuca Mihăilescu from the Bigger Picture Digital Education Association.


Eco Frequencies: Binaural Therapy developed MACAIA Association (PLASTIC Art Performance Collective)  Eco Frequencies: Binaural Therapy is a cultural, participatory activation project by encouraging cultural and social activation around awareness of the importance of nature in mental health.


The mobile application is a Romanian start-up, launched in 2021, whose mission is to reduce food waste. Through the application, users can purchase unsold products until the end of the day or products that are about to expire, with discounts starting from 50%. Over 11 tons of food were saved from food waste.

"This award is proof that what we are doing is the right thing, the right mission in this country and it is an encouragement to grow, to do as much as possible and to have the strongest possible impact. At the same time, it is a moment of pride to be recognized within this ecosystem of companies interested in environmental protection that you have created." Luka Zivkovic from told us


Secondary School no. 11, Buzău is the first circular school in Romania. All the school's energy is obtained ecologically and rainwater is reused. Also, within the unit, generated waste is collected separately.


Allen Coliban - Mayor of the Municipality of Brașov, was nominated by the public and later chosen by the jury. The public appreciated the purchase of electric buses, the encouragement of the use of public transport and the installation of eco-islands for the separate collection of waste.

"It is an award of Brașov and the people of Brașov. It is a crowning and a recognition of the ambitions and efforts that the Brasov community has made in recent years in the sense of sustainability, of a responsible approach to the environment. In terms of our ambitions and projects we are only at the beginning." said Allen Coliban.


This award was won by Alina-Elena Vasiliu who has been an editor at Ziarul Financiar for 7 years, and from 2021 he took over the Economia Verde project, a series of shows, conferences, video-conferences on the topic of sustainability, these being supplemented by the Green Page which contains weekly appearances. He has written several hundred articles on topics such as: noise pollution, air pollution, recycling, sustainable transport, green start-ups and the activity of environmental NGOs.

From ECOTIC, ALTEX Romania received the award for the largest contribution to the volume of electrical waste collected nationally. Through its own buy-back campaigns, Altex contributed at least 15% of the WEEE collected in 2021 and probably similar for 2022.

Also from ECOTIC, the largest WEEE recycler in Romania - Greenweee International – received the award for the main partner in the proper treatment of WEEE. According to the certification it holds for the EN50625 standard for the treatment of WEEE, Greenweee International has the highest performance in extracting pollutants from DEEE and neutralizing them, with important benefits for the environment.

XIV edition aa Clean Environment Awards Gala was supported by: Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, Association Municipalities of Romania (AMR), Info Cons, Union of Professional Journalists from Romania, APDETIC,, Radio Eco Natura, Radio Romania Cultural, RFI Romania, Cărturesti and Hotnews.