The ECOTIC caravan present at "Sotron. The Festival of Childhood"

de | June. 20, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, News

Between June 10-12, 2022, the ECOTIC Caravan delighted with the presence of the inhabitants of Iași. It was located in the courtyard of the Mihail Sadoveanu Museum.

More than 200 adults and children visited the Caravan these days to find out what the components of electrical waste are and why it is important for them to be recycled.
On the other hand, the children had the opportunity to learn to collect separately through a game, within the Eco-Education Workshops, organized on the spot.

“ECOTIC Caravan” is a mobile display of electrical waste, light bulbs and batteries, as well as an interactive communication tool with the public. The caravan provides a timely environment for information and awareness, especially when it comes to communicating with children.

More pictures from Sotron:


ECOTIC Caravan ECOTIC Caravan ECOTIC Caravan ECOTIC Caravan