I wish a cleaner Romania - 5th edition

de | July. 10, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

This edition of the "I wish a cleaner Romania" contest continues the first four editions by following the same ecological stakes. In this 5th edition the general public was invited to post pictures or videos as suggestive as possible in order to highlight the environmental protection through selective collection of waste and on the other hand to show activities undertaken / organized by different institutions to encourage selective collection.

The contest is part of a series of activities undertaken by ECOTIC and Ateliere Fara Frontiere in Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program, Thematic Fund for Civil Society Participation Scheme grant for NGOs.




The competition had two sections:
In the section dedicated to NGOs, 9 videos and 31 photo reports were submitted by the NGO's that had projects in the environmental protection field during June 2012-June 2013.

The second section dedicated to the public, 228 photos submitted in contest were positive and negative examples related to the environmental protection.

The jury was formed by representative of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes, National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies of Romania, Valentin Negoita - ECOTIC, Patrick Ouriaghli - Ateliere Fara Frontiere, Dan Popescu - HotNews.ro- analyzed all the materials and decided to whom the 3 prizes are awarded:

- NGO's section (videoprojector, laptop and a projection screen):

,, Planting good deeds in Romania ”with the photo report of the project ,, Deforestation map”.

-General public section:

  • the most positive example in the environment protection field (a photo camera and a photo printer): ,, volunteers - hard work / Photo: Ecologista ”.
  • the most negative example (a photo camera and a photo printer): Geamana / Photo: Andreea Mitrea ”.

The awards will be sent by September 15, 2013.

Contest gallery here.

• period: July 15, 2013 - August 30, 2013
• Announcement of winners after judging: September 3, 2013
• Awards will be given until September 15, 2013

Materials submitted must comply with copyright and intellectual property rights and also with exclusive rights of any other nature recognized by the law. Participants must own the rights to the submitted material or have the corresponding rights of use thereof.
The participant is solely responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that may arise as a result of the entry of materials into this competition. Participants retain copyright on the material.

Completing the registration form implies consent that the submitted materials can be exposed and used by HotNews.ro and ECOTIC, mentioning the author's name, this represents consent of authors and holders of intellectual property rights on this form of unlimited use in time and space.

Privacy Policy:
The personal data of the participants are confidential and will be used only for normal functioning of the competition.

Final clauses:
The organizers reserve the right to refuse any type of material participation in the competition on the grounds of inconsistency with the contest theme.
By completing the registration form in this contest, the participant confirms having read and understood all the conditions of the Contest Rules and accepts them.

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