Change waste Samsung technology 3rd edition ongoing

de | April. 22, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

Samsung Romania with ECOTIC developed the third edition of the "Change wastes with Samsung technology." This edition occurs simultaneously in Bucharest, District 2, and in Cluj-Napoca.

The campaign took place in Cluj-Napoca until April 17, and the campaign in District 2 of the capital takes place until April 20, the population being invited to correctly dispose of old electrical and electronic equipment, winning the besides a clean environment, the opportunity to participate in a raffle with prizes provided by Samsung Romania, and the opportunity to purchase certain Samsung equipment with discount.

The principle of this editions is the same as last year: the population is invited to hand over waste of electrical and electronic equipment responsibly at specially designated points of ECOTIC and its partners in exchange for two vouchers. At the end of the campaign a raffle will be organized with prizes in Samsung electronic equipment.

The voucher received after handing over the electrical equipment can be used to buy Samsung equipment with a discount of up to 35%.

Cluj campaign partners are The City Hall, Rosal Group - Cluj Napoca branch and Sanitation Company Brantner Veres SA.

Partners in Bucharest are District 2 City Hall and Supercom SA.

Latest mobile collection point for potential waste electrical and electronic equipment is the one in Bucharest and is there until April 20:

  •  Stephen the Great (subway)

If the equipment is too big and heavy you can contact the operators:

- For Bucharest, Supercom company, tel 021.9654

The prizes in the raffle organized by Samsung Romania in Bucharest on April 24 consist of five vacuums, 3 Blu Ray, 2 Home Cinemas, a dishwasher and an LED TV 32 "

Samsung prizes in the raffle organized in Cluj Romania, which will take place on April 20 consisting of five vacuums, 2 Blu Ray, 3 Home Cinema and 2 LED TV 32 '.

All details on how to dispose of WEEE, the campaign prizes and the possibility of buying new Samsung equipment are available by phone by Samsung Plaza:

  • 0729.25.01.01 (Vodafone)
  • 0766.25.01.01 (Cosmotes)
  • 0741.25.01.01 (orange)
  • 08008.726.78.64 (green number)

Until April 12, in Cluj, 365 people handed over 530 such equipment and in Bucharest, and the centralization at the end of April 15 shows that 353 WEEE were collected. 

On April 20, during a press conference organized by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, raffle winners will be drawn.

More details can be found on