ECOTIC and School Otherwise

de | April. 14, 2014 | Ecotic Projects

Among other things, School Otherwise is an opportunity for students to find out new information, places not just from books. During this period, an ECOTIC team went to Botosani and participated together with Urban Serv and Environmental Protection Agency Botosani at activities developed on environmental issues. The activities were developed in 2 institutions.

Our colleagues hold presentation about collection and recycling of waste of electrical and electronic equipment and waste of batteries. They also put a stress on the gesture that we can do regardless of age and social status to protect the environment and our health.

In the same period in Botosani, ECOTIC together with the above mentioned partners, runs the project "Acting together for a clean environment". Through this project, the local residents are informed of the reasons to collect selectively and where to hand over waste (at authorized recyclers of electrical and electronic waste and at the collection points open in Botosani).

Students who attended the eco education classes brought to school waste of electrical and electronic equipment as well as waste of batteries, thus participating to the environment protection and to the reuse of resources.