ECOTIC Caravan - School competition "The Eco Days in your school!"

de | October. 28, 2014 | Ecotic Projects

ECOTIC CARAVAN is the title of the project for which ECOTIC received co-financing through the LIFE + Program of the European Union for the public awareness regarding the correct recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The project runs at the national level from November 2014-June 2016.

The main attraction of the Caravan is an exhibition in which are exposed different types of waste of electrical and electronic equipment having educational purpose.

ECOTIC and its partners want to engage in ecological education and environmental protection at least 150 schools in Romania, but also, the citizens in the visited cities will actively participate in this process, as the 30 local campaigns will be organized.

What does the “Eco Days in your school!” Campaign consist of?

It requires the participation of schools and communities in which teachers, students and their families are part of. The will be part of specific environmental activities conducted by educational institutions involved in the campaign. The most important moment of this campaign will be the visit of ECOTIC Caravan.

The activities must be fulfilled at a rate of 100%, being the only way through which teachers of participating schools and participants will qualify for the award.

The institution will have to develop WEEE and waste of batteries collection.

Each school must:

- receive the visit of the caravan in the schoolyard or in the immediate vicinity

- report to the organizers, according to the regulation

- develop minimum 3 eco themed activities such as: creating objects of waste, planting trees, flowers, seedlings in the perimeter of the school or in nearby areas, greening the school or area of ​​nearby areas, production and exhibition of drawings on eco themes, hours of eco-education based on the materials submitted, essay contest etc.