ECOTIC celebrated World Environment Day at GreenWEEE - WEEE recycling plant

de | June. 20, 2014 | Ecotic Projects

On June 5, 2014, on the occasion of World Environment Day, ECOTIC organized an Open Day at WEEE recycling. The event was dedicated to producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment affiliated to ECOTIC. Through this action ECOTIC together with GreenWEEE Buzau brought closer to producers and media specific aspects of the collection and recycling flow of waste correct electrical and electronic equipment.

Among those present at the event thre were present, representatives from: Samsung Romania, Metro Cash & Carry, Romtelecom, British American Tobacco, Omnilogic, VLAMIR, RHS, System Plus, MGT Educational and other companies who handed over their responsibility regarding WEEE management to ECOTIC.

The visit allowed producers to watch the whole process of treatment of different categories of waste electrical and electronic equipment: refrigeration equipment, monitor equipment, large and small equipment, and the treatment of waste batteries and accumulators. For each of these types of waste, GreenWEEE owns a specialized treatment facility. Also, at this plant works a processing installation for cables.

All the ECOTIC actions aim to develop a community aware of the importance of WEEE, who actively participates in correct collection and recycling of waste of electrical and electronic equipment FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT.

ECOTIC assures the free disposal of this waste from more than 400 affiliated producers, as well as from public institutions and companies who need to dispose of these wastes in an environmentally friendly way. ECOTIC WEEE collection infrastructure is present throughout the country, with over 500 collection points. By accessing you can check your proximity to such a point.

Through the organized visit to GreenWEEE, ECOTIC succeeded in bringing closer specific aspects of the collection and recycling of WEEE and other wastes to those interested in them. The event included in its agenda also a visit to GreenFiber, a recycling unit that is part of the Green Group where waste plastic is recycled.

World Environment Day is one of the main tools through which the United Nations promotes worldwide awareness of the importance of everyone's involvement in environmental protection.



„As a representative of the group of responsibles for waste management in SC Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL, it is my great pleasure to attend this event organized by our partner, ECOTIC that impressed us with organization of this very interesting action. „- said Ioan Griober, Health and Labor Security Manager at Metro Cash & Carry Romania.

„I’m glad that I got to see how the process of treatment of collected WEEE occurs on behalf of Romtelecom: advanced recycling facilities and waste management at international standards. Congratulations to ECOTIC and GreenWEEE „- Rodica Eftimie, Environmental Inspector in Romtelecom.

“It was a very exciting event organized today by ECOTIC and GreenWEEE teams. I didn't realize the complexity of the activities in the flow of waste recycling. I'm glad I participated in the organized visits to the recycling centers. I feel like I learned something useful today. Congratulations to the organizers! „- Vlad Anchievici, Axelle Co ..

„Green Group showed us that you can capitalize on environmental protection. Is not a medium term activity, but a long-term one and a cleaner environment is actually a target. ECOTIC team is dedicated to this cause by managing waste electrical and electronic equipment. We are proud that we are together with this team. „- Victor Maier, Physical Resources Manager, Expert One Research.

„Today's event organized by Green Group and ECOTIC offered me the opportunity to understand the correct values ​​of recycling: responsibility, cleaner environment, resource reuse. It's good to understand that in Romania recycling happens on these principles. „Florin Costan, Intrarom.