Good deeds by XEROX

de | Dec. 19, 2012 | Ecotic Projects

The “Good deeds by Xerox” campaign was born at the initiative of Xerox Romania, aiming to support the institutions in need, by donating 35 refurbished equipment involving a large number of people in this charity action.

The Xerox team chose to donate the equipment through the Romanian successful blogger Cristina Bazavan, their distribution being provided with the support of ECOTIC.

The idea from which the campaign started was to encourage solidarity and to offer to other persons the possibility to do a good deed.Thus, blog readers were invited to recommend institutions that were most in need of one equipment. These could be schools, kindergartens, foundations, post offices anywhere in the country, nursing homes, associations, centers of artistic creation or non-profit organization.

The only condition was that each proposal must be accompanied by an interesting story. The list of recommendations included even a local police station whose work was highly appreciated by the readers.

October campaign, developed by Xerox Romania and in partnership with ECOTIC had an high visibility in the online environment, and the 48 recommendations received in only 2 weeks, showed that the blog community involvement and thus influence on the project.

The campaign was promoted by many top bloggers and on the facebook pages of Xerox Romania, Cristina Bazavan and ECOTIC, so the initiative of Xerox Romania, with the support of ECOTIC, managed to bring joy to some people and institutions by receiving the equipment that was needed.