Kids are great achievers too! - 2nd edition

de | May 5, 2014 | Ecotic Projects

ECOTIC BAT launches the second edition of the environmental education campaign, "Kids are great achievers too!". About 150 kindergartens across the country is involved in this project.

ECOTIC BAT identified the need for eco educational classes on selective collection of waste of batteries, in kindergartens in Romania. The project came as a natural response in the context of complementing education by giving information about ecology and environmental protection. The campaign purpose is to educate the young generation in the spirit of the selective collection of waste of batteries through innovative means, ready to awaken the interest of little ones ages 3 to 7.

Educators will teach eco education classes based on materials previously sent by ECOTIC BAT. The project brings to the fore a first in awareness actions: the first animation for children that presents the collection and recycling of waste of batteries in an appropriate manner for children!

The kindergartens received brochures created especially for children about waste of batteries. Also leaflets for the parents will be distributed. The leaflets contain information about the selective collection of waste batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Recipients for waste of batteries collection were given to the kindergartens that are involved in the project.
In order to reward the kindergartens efforts to collect waste of batteries, ECOTIC BAT will offer to them top three kindergartens that will collect the largest amounts of waste of batteries (Kg) tickets to a puppet theater for children and educators too .

The project will run from 05.05. – 06.11.2014 as follows:

  • April 23-May 5 - packets sent to kindergartens. A pack will contain brochures for children, 100 leaflets for parents, 2 boxes for the DBA collection and two posters.
  • May 5 to 30 - eco-education classes held by educators.
  • June 2 to 6 - waste batteries collection from the kindergartens participating in the project by the authorized partners designated by ECOTIC BAT.
  • June 11 - Designation of the winning kindergartens. Winning kindergartens list will be published here.