The very young ones do great deeds too!

de | nov. 6, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

ECOTIC BAT started in November this year a project dedicated to kindergartens "The very young ones do great deeds too!".

The project was developed between November 25 and December 12, 2013 and it was addressed to kindergartens from Bucharest and Ilfov county, following that in 2014 the project will further include kindergartens from the whole country who wish to participate in the projects activities.

This project comes to fill in the need to educate the younger generation in the spirit of environmental protection. Consequently the children received information at their level of understanding about recycling, why it is good to selectively collect waste and what we can do to protect the environment. The eco classes lasted for 30 ′ minutes and the approach was appropriate for the 3 -7 years old children.

At the same time, the project also involved the selective collection of portable batteries and accumulators in the kindergarten, ECOTIC BAT making available to them "green houses" in which they could store the waste of batteries and accumulators. The eco classes took place from November 22- December 6, and in December 9 after the authorized operator collected WBA's from the kindergartens, the kindergarten Kluge Kinder was designated the winner of the tickets for the PUPPET SHOW for the impressive quantity of 88 kg of batteries .

The kindergarten was officially awarded during "For a clean environment!" -awards ceremony that took place on December 12.

The kindergartens that participated and the quantities collected:

  • Kluge Kinder rootstock
88 kg DBA
  • King George Kindergarten - Crasani Peak
12 kg DBA
  • Ana Lugojana Kindergarten - headquarters 2
7 kg DBA
  • King George Kindergarten - Overtures
6 kg DBA
  • King George Kindergarten - Brancoveanu
4 kg DBA
  • Boarding School. King George - Chapel Entrance
4 kg DBA
  • Open Kindergarten
4 kg DBA
  • Ana Lugojana Kindergarten - headquarters 1
3 kg DBA
  • Kindergarten ABCDino
3 kg DBA
  • After school The Three Musketeers
2 kg DBA
  • Smurf House Kindergarten
1 kg DBA
  • Children's Palace Kindergarten
0 kg DBA

ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT believe that children can do great things! We have supporting the development of an eco attitude of the new generation!

The regulation of the project is here.

The material that was distributed in this project is available  here.

The pictures from the project you can see here.