The winners of the first edition of ECO Education Project

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ECO Education the project for the development of responsible attitude of students and teachers regarding waste, especially WEEE and waste batteries and accumulators (WB / A), has designated its winners.

From 28 January to 30 March, 77 schools from Romania participated in this project. In the secondary schools, coordinating teachers carried out several activities for the protection of the environment.

About 3,500 students were involved in the program, by engaging in the environmentally friendly approach to their families, friends and colleagues from other schools and communities to which they belong.

It was collected over 2,700 kg of used batteries. The collection of these types of waste was made in the containers provided by ECOTIC BAT as it was one of the activities included in the project.

Other activities included:

  • ECO Education classes, based on material provided by the organizers
  • Drawings having an ecological theme
  • Multiple-choice test in order to establish the eco-information accumulated by the students

The Grant Prize consisting in a visit at a recycling facility during 22-30 April, was given to the most ingenious and active class that will be able to follow the whole recycling process of waste of electrical and electronic equipment.

Given the involvement and the good results of the first 3 classes that collected about a third of the entire amount of used batteries, ECO Education organizers decided to reward the efforts of the three classes and not just to one.

Grand Prize winners in the ECO Education Project are:

• 3rd grade students from "Ioan Petrus" Highschool, Otopeni, coordinator-teacher Eugenia Marinescu

• 7th grade students from "Ion Creanga" Middle School, Cluj coordinator-teacher Manuela Ioia

• 1st grade students from Martisor Elementary School, Bucharest, coordinator-teacher Laura Irina Pop

ECO Education Project is at the first edition, being organized by ECOTIC, ECOTIC BAT and Junior Achievement Romania, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and of the Ministry of National Education and the National Environmental Guard.

 The project had been well received by the coordinating teachers, among whom we selected the following statements:

  •  „The project was interesting and very useful for students because waste is a community issue. Our school will continue to collect used batteries even if the contest ended, I posted an ad on the institution entrance doors for parents to know and bring the batteries to our school not throw them in the trash. I wish you all the best! „- Luminita Morosanu-teacher at Secondary School” Alecu Russo „, Bacau
  • „The program has been enthusiastically received by my students. They were extremely excited and felt very important in this period. They alerted the neighbors, friends and acquaintances and have them explain how “harmful” batteries are for the environment and that they have a mission to save as much as thay can, gathering them to school where they will be taken for recycling. Students like to be useful and to learn many interesting things other than ones from the traditional classes. Many thanks! „Florina Itineantu - primary teacher at the Technical College
  • "Dimitrie Leonida" Timisoara
  • „Thank you for the opportunity that we've given us, which is to promote the principles of a balanced life, by saving energy and giving attention to resources and the planet. Students participated with interest and thay also appreciated and got involved in making drawings, showing through their behavior towards planet. Batteries collected, but not only, opened their eyes and on other types of waste that can be recycled. „- Claudia Puzdrea, Deputy Director and Program Coordinator Eco Education at Secondary School” George Calinescu „, district 5, Bucharest
  • "Students understand that if we want to change something for the better we all have to contribute and that the most important role is theirs, by having to explain the importance of a clean environment to their parents and grandparents." Prof. Daniela Murgescu- teachers at the Middle School „Gh I. Brătianu„ Iasi

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