Thinking about recycling? Hand them over in a responsible way, for a clean environment!

de | October. 14, 2013 | Ecotic Projects



 ECOTIC, Recolamp and Dedeman develop a new awareness campaign regarding the right way of recycling waste of electrical and electronic equipments and also bulbs and neon lights.

Prizes that will be awarded in this project consist of new electronic equipment.
The campaign objective is to develop a responsible attitude of the citizens towards waste, especially waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste of lighting equipment. The awareness campaign includes besides the informational and educational side also the practical component meaning the collection of waste.

"Be our hero! Recycle! ECOTIC AND RECOLAMP awards you" takes place from 7 to 20 October at the Dedeman store in Bacau, located on Republic Street, no. 185, where interested citizens can hand over in a way that is friendly for the citizens, used electrical and electronic equipment and burnt light bulbs and neon lights.
The organizers offer one voucher to the persons who bring electrical equipment or three burnt light bulbs or neons. The voucher entitles the person enrolled in the campaign to participate in the raffle held on 23 October at 12.00, in the same store.
Awards for handing over waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) consist of three Samsung TVs. For waste of bulbs and neons are at stake three E-Boda 7 ”tablets.

The odds of winning are given by the number of waste handed over.
The more waste brought to the project stand inside Dedeman store in Bacau more chances to win!

On the raffle organized on October 23, three winners will be chosen for each type of waste.

So there will be three winners for the WEEE category and three winners for the Bulbs category.

The press release launched at the beginning of the campaign is here.