Together again, for a clean environment in Botosani!

de | October. 28, 2014 | Ecotic Projects

 ECOTIC, Urban Serv, Environmental Protection Agency Botosani, the City Hall and Modern Calor joined forces once again with the inhabitants of the municipality of Botosani, for a clean environment. During October 1-November 07, the citizens are invited to hand over at least 10 kg of electrical and electronic equipment waste in a responsible way, instant prizes being rewarded. Handing over waste of electrical equipment helps at preserving a cleaner environment.

Organizers want that in this period, together with the inhabitants of the municipality of Botosani to be made yet another step together towards the adoption of a responsible lifestyle through proper recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment blank(WEEE).

A decisive factor in transforming the act of collecting to a habit is usually determined by raising awareness of the toxic compounds of such equipment. WEEE contains toxic substances such as mercury and other heavy metals. Even in small amounts, they pollute the soil, water and air. The health of each of us depends on the simple gesture of handing over WEEE in a responsible way.

Also, through correct recycling of WEEE are recovered secondary raw materials which can be found in new products, in this way reducing the consumption of raw materials and thus protecting natural resources.

During the period October 1 - November 07, people who hand over at special collection points at least 10 kg of electrical and electronic equipment waste receive instant prizes.