World Environment Day - Open Day at WEEE Recycling Plant

de | June. 12, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

Celebrating World Environment Day, ECOTIC held on 5th of June, an "Open Day at WEEE Recycling Plant", for ECOTIC affiliated producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment.

The event resulted in a visit to REMATHOLDING where the attendees were able to track in detail the entire process of recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste. They also had the opportunity to see how Remat Bucuresti Sud transforms the other waste into materials with economic value (plastic, paper, tires, cables, cars, etc).

In this way, ECOTIC brought closer to the audience the practical aspects of collection and recycling of WEEE and other wastes.

Among the guests there were Ionut Muşetoiu, Advisor in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, representatives of companies who handed over the WEEE management responsibility to ECOTIC (Romtelecom, real, -Hypermarket, UTI Group, VLAMIR, RHS Company, Romsys), and representatives of media.

World Environment Day is one of the main ways that the United Nations promotes worldwide awareness of the importance of human involvement in environmental protection and improvement methods to act in favor.

Thank you for supporting us in organizing "Open Day at WEEE Recycling Plant"!