2019 the best year in WEEE collection

de | April. 22, 2020 | News

ECOTIC collected 28.316 tons of WEEE in 2019

2019 was an important year for ECOTIC: from reaching the collection target and implementing a record number of local campaigns to the opening of new collection centers in Romania.

In 2019, ECOTIC set a record in the management of electrical and electronic waste in Romania, reaching the goal of WEEE collection of 28.316 tons. This was achieved thanks to a well-structured operational activity and by opening a two new collection centers: ECOTIC Transilvania and ECOTIC Moldova. Also, the national network of WEEE and DBA collection points open to the public has reached 8.100 thus offering collection solutions closer to the citizens.

Producers affiliated to ECOTIC participated in  14 seminars in which they learned about legislative changes and reporting procedures, as well as a variety of employee campaigns aimed at raising their awareness of separate collection of WEEE and DBA. Also, the services offered were evaluated with a degree of satisfaction 93,29%.

And last year, local campaigns were part of ECOTIC's efforts to raise public awareness of separate collection of WEEE and DBA. They were organized 53 campaigns, both in urban and rural areas, under the names already known as "Clean Cities", "Clean Communes" and "Recycling Station". Also, the organization's efforts focused on the development of WEEE services from home / office in important cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Bucharest, Brasov and Ilfov County.

An important achievement was the launch of the study "Quantification of WEEE generated in Romania 2019”, Which offers an analysis of the WEEE market in Romania, of the stock of electrical and electronic waste in Romanian households and the potential for collecting this type of waste.

The annual projects dedicated to the little ones developed by ECOTIC continued in 2019. "School of Ecoterrians" and "And the little ones do great deeds", addressed to students and children, continued to teach them about environmental protection and the importance of separate collection.

Clean Environment Awards Gala, in its 11th edition, continued to reward companies, NGOs, educational institutions and public institutions for the implementation of projects focused on environmental protection.

We celebrated International Day of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment between October 14-18, organizing visits of the ECOTIC Caravan to several schools in Ilfov County, two awareness campaigns for ECOTIC producers, as well as collection campaigns organized in partnership with GreenWEEE in Cluj County and the Environmental Protection Agency in Satu Mare.

2019 was a year full of campaigns, projects and efforts to bring collection solutions closer to citizens

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