April: the month of CLEAN CITIES!

de | April. 7, 2021 | News

Campaigns with PRIZES for collecting electrical waste, light bulbs and batteries

On the occasion of spring cleaning, ECOTIC organizes together with its partners, waste collection campaigns for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), light bulbs, neons, batteries and accumulators used in 9 hoursand 3 communes.

In April, ECOTIC comes to the aid of citizens who want to get rid of electrical waste, light bulbs and batteries properly by organizing a series of campaigns "Hourand clean ” nationally. These campaigns offer solutions available to the general public, the inhabitants of these cities and municipalities having at their disposal:

  1. FREE download from home of bulky waste (minimum 50 kg electrical waste / refrigerator / washing machine etc).
  2. Handing over to dedicated collection points.

To encourage the collection-recycling initiative, the organizers offer PRIZES. Each campaign has its own mechanism, details are available on www.ecotic.ro

Brand campaigns Orase Curate (Clean Cities) and Comune Curate (Clean Villages) takes place in the localities below, for details about each campaign we invite you to access the dedicated links:

ECOTIC makes available to all citizens the unique number 021 9641 where they are advised in order to identify the most convenient solution for disposing of electrical waste, light bulbs and batteries.

By calling this number, you can also request a FREE collection of bulky waste from home.

“This spring we are supporting citizens with concrete solutions for disposing of electronic waste and batteries, encouraging a responsible attitude towards the environment. Citizens will thus actively contribute to the first step towards recycling, the separate collection of this type of waste. " declares Valentin Negoiță - President of ECOTIC.